Zonulin Replaces “Sugar Challenge” Testing in the Assessment of Intestinal Permeability

Great news in that there is now a much more sensitive test available to assess Intestinal Permeability (IP). This is a very important test in investigating immune and inflammatory conditions in the body, in particular where there are a number of food sensitivies or auto-immunity.  Recent research has revealed a pathway by which zonulin induces the breakdown of the normally tight junctions between gastrointestinal (GI) epithelial cells. The sophisticated research has led to the development of a superior diagnostic test for the assessment of intestinal permeability of the upper bowel. The serum zonulin test directly determines the circulating levels of zonulin (antigen) that instigates a cascade of events resulting in large gaps between enterocytes. Such gaps permit the unregulated influx of macromolecules from the gut lumen. This permeability can elicit exacerbated immune and inflammatory responses that can result in conditions from food sensitivities (e.g. non-celiac gluten sensitivity) to serious auto-immune diseases. The zonulin test supplants the now-dated lactulose/mannitol “sugar challenge” (L/M) test as a superior clinical tool.

Image courtesy of ALPCO


The new test is run by Doctor’s Data Lab.

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