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Charmaine Shepherd

Charmaine Shepherd  B.Sc. Biomed., N.dip. Ac. MBAcC

f636d93e-eec4-4bf1-b8b6-6879e3115b8bAs a therapist I am dedicated to helping you take control of your own health as I firmly believe in supporting the body’s natural ability to heal through the use of natural remedies, acupuncture, biofeedback, nutrition and lifestyle.  I have a sensitive and holistic approach to healthcare as it is  essential that you feel in control of your treatment process.

I originally obtained my degree in biomedical sciences 21 years ago  and worked for several years in biomedical research before my own health issues began affecting my quality of life.  I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and every aspect of my life was impacted by my condition.   With the side effects of medication reducing my quality of life even more, I decided to search for natural approaches.  Within a year, I had regained energy, resolved my bowel issues and felt better than ever before.

This wonderful transformation had such a big impact on me that I gave up my career, focused on research and went on to study acupuncture for 3  years in Asia. I qualified as an acupuncturist in 2005 and became  a member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC).  Being a member of the BAcC means that I am bound by strict codes of Practice and  Ethics. My own health journey has had an enormous impact on shaping the way in which I practice.

I have had extensive training in Singapore, China, Thailand,  Switzerland and the UK, which introduced me to wide range of interesting people & cultures, and have had more than 17 years experience in  health-care.

During my time in Asia, I built expertise in treating a wide variety  of complex conditions. I also spent time gaining clinical experience at  the Shanghai Research Institute of Acupuncture in China, in the Urology  and Neurology departments. The combination of my western medical and complementary training puts me in a unique position to treat very complex conditions.

Over the years I have also refined my practice of Taichi and Qigong and  I am a qualified Qigong teacher.  My Qigong training has  taken me all over the world including Germany, Turkey and Canada.

Because of my background in biomedical sciences, I am able to combine western methods of diagnostics together with alternative testing to get to the root cause of complex health issues. I have a great passion for investigating complex health problems to find tailored solutions that will work.

I now live in Edinburgh with my husband and daughter.

Recent CPD training:

Safely Using Acupuncture In The Final Stages of Pregnancy (Sarah Budd) – Aug 2013

Psycho-emotional Disorders and the 8 Extraordinary Vessels – November 2013

Gluten-Related Disorders: Time to Move from Gut to Brain- Prof. Marios Hadjivassiliou, MD – Gluten Summit – November 2013

Before Marsh III: Why the Early Stages of Celiac Disease Must be Taken Seriously, Michael Marsh, MD, DSC, FRCP – Gluten Summit – November 2013

How Sensitivity to Gluten Can Impact Your Heart and Cardiovascular System, Mark Houston, MD, MS, ABAARM, FACP, FAHA, FASH – Gluten Summit – November 2013

The Critical Nature of Gut Health and its Impact on Children’s Brains, Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD, MMedSci

Diabetes: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Opportunities by B. Joseph Guglielmo, PharmD, Lisa A. Kroon Univ of California, San Fransisco,  Aug – Dec 2013

High Cholesterol and Dietetics – November 2012

Auriculotherapy – Jim Chalmers – PTSD & toxic scars

Dr Liqin Zhao- TCM treatment of premature ovarian failure and infertility Sep 2011

Debra Betts & Sarah Budd – Deciphering fertility and obstetric research for clinical practice Sep2011

Dr Volker Scheid- Why is everyone suffering from liver qi stagnation? A window into the history and changing practice of Chinese medicine – Sep 2011

Richard Blitstein-TCM for complex infertility conditions: PCOS, Auto immune & premature ovarian failure – current

Daverick Leggett- Qigong for Practitioners – November 2009 – May 2010

Jennie Longbottom – Practical Skills for Difficult Pain Syndromes – May 2008

Giovanni Maciocia – Understanding and Treating Female Infertility – Aug 2011

Will Maclean – Introduction to the Treatment of Lingering Pathogens – Aug 2011

Nic Lucas: Anxious but Happy – Aug 2011

Shen-Psychic aspects in Chinese Medicine – Jan 2011

Giovanni Maciocia – Understanding and Treating Endometriosis – Feb 2011

Meridian Circuit Systems – Feb 2011




I had acupuncture during the third trimester of pregnancy and would highly recommend Charmaine’s clinic. It alleviated the symptoms I developed asacupunctureivfpid the pregnancy progressed.

These included leg cramps, muscular cramps in my calves and the more painful cramps up the front of my shins, dental pain, vaginal dryness and lethargy. The leg cramps and dental pain stopped almost immediately. The treatment also prepared my body for birth. I had a home birth and everything was so smooth and easy. My baby came five days before the due date. She was the first baby in two generations, that’s fifteen babies, to come early. I believe that acupuncture was a contributor to this. I cannot speak highly enough of the benefits of acupuncture in pregnancy and the sessions were great value for money.

Happy Mum

July 2013


I wanted to see if it would help me with my neuropathic pain and give me more relief. Although I am still on medication my pain has almost disappeared and this was far from the case before. Also, I have not had to increase my medication. I am very very pleased with the results.

August 2013


I met Charmaine 4 years ago and since then she’s been next to me any time I needed her. When I fell pregnant with my first baby, Charmaine helped me cope with my severe anxiety of giving birth, her acupuncture helped me to feel more at ease with the changes my body went through, and my baby boy arrived safely. By the time I fell pregnant with my second baby, Charmaine started straight away with acupuncture, she relieved the massive sciatic pain I felt in my legs, and helped me again to cope with the fear of giving birth, my baby boy arrived safely in a couple of hours, and I was able to give birth naturally, without pain relief, and so I achieved what I thought would never happen!!!!! Thank you Charmaine for everything.

PL, July 2013


I must say a huge thank you as I was able to have another labour/birth without any medical intervention or pain relief. It lasted around 4.5 hours and we only had to go to the hospital 1.5 hours before Adrienne was born. I was lucky that a birthing pool was available so she had a water birth delivery which was a lovely experience. Thank you again!

VC Aug 11


My experience with acupuncture has been great. I am now pain free after a year of severe chronic pain. TM Aug 12


“I benefited enormously from the acupuncture and the recommended supplements for (adrenal) fatigue” MM May 2012


“I came to the centre with Bell’s Palsy in order to speed up the recovery process. I found it amazingly relaxing which in itself is conducive to aiding the convalescence period. I came on day 5 of the Palsy with 50% facial paralysis.

Both the therapists and staff were extremely helpful at putting one at ease during what could be a stressful and trepidacious time. The application of the acupuncture was pain free and gently applied.

From the initial shock of the overnight paralysis to the 4th appointment over a period of 10 days the Bell’s Palsy has repaired 95% with a small residue of feeling yet to return although not visible otherwise. I would recommend that this treatment/therapy to anyone withBell’s and to remain positive and stress free which is encapsulated with this whole/holistic approach. Many thanks” DW May 2012


I found my therapy to be very relaxing and has helped me from the start. Very professional, talked me through, made me feel at east from the start. Plantar Fasciitis and has helped with other heath issues. Very impressed” TM May 2012


I was admitted to hospital for a week due to dizziness. I was unable to walk at that stage. I also had palpitations, severe coughing but the doctors couldn’t find the cause.
Biofeedback cured my dizziness, papitations and coughing. Charmaine definetely knows what she is doing. She is honest and devoted to providing comfort. I felt so hopeless falling over all the time. Not only am I cured of those symptoms, but I feel generally a lot better. I was so concerned about becoming dependent. SB March 2013

The biofeedback was very gentle and non-intrusive for my four year old

Charmaine is very calm and my son feels at ease. The treatment speeded up and aided walking. Co-ordination improved as well as speech progressing. Feb 13


I was really ill with IBS, ME, multiple allergies, hormonal problems and back problems. My doctors told me to just live with it all. The biofeedback has done more for me than what I achieved through hospitals. Charmaine’s treatment looks at you as a whole and pinpoints where the main problems are. My IBS has settled down, my ME is better, energy levels have dramatically increased, my periods are better and my back is amazingly better after acupuncture. I feel more like myself than I have done in years! Thank you Charmaine. FW, Falkirk Feb 13

I had chronic back pain and was feeling run down. I had one session and felt the best relief that I had had for years. I have had this problem for over 30 years. I could not believe how well it works. I have had so many other treatments before with such a speedy response. CW, Falkirk


“My son came to see Charmaine because he had been having stomach problems. He had a consultation and some dietary suggestions were given and a biofeedback session. After following the diet and two more sessions the improvement is incredible. He is back to his old self, hasn’t missed any more school and looks great. Thank you.” LD


“My destination was the Resonance Biofeedback therapy as recommended by a kindly friend ‘ R B is a new new field of energetic medicine based on quantum physics principles which can rapidly change the body’s energy field to help ease depression’ and much more the treatment is gentle and non invasive. Once the electrodes were in place -I just had to sit and wait whilst the magic machine scanned 9ooo.I did not have to worry about failing at yet another therapy – or worry about giving the wrong answers to questions asked, the machine was in control and it was fantastic! I was flabbergasted by the findings which not only identified my various health problems but also corroborated the results of recent tests taken at my doctor’s surgery – I was hooked ! my search lasting over 50 years was over.

That day I floated home on an optimistic cloud – I still have regular health M O T’s at
Holistic Health where Charmaine Shepherd and her team provide a wide range of therapies and a safe haven for all who are in need.” RW May 2012


Therapist very caring – puts me at ease – I always feel moer positive. Having has quite a few sessions now I have every confidence in my therapist. I have several health issues but know the therapy takes me to my optimum and I always feel so much better afterwards. MC August 2012


Charmaine is also the author of a groundbreaking book about depression entitled Is it all in your mind?is it all in your mind

Depression affects approximately 121 million people worldwide, and occurs in persons of all genders, ages and backgrounds. Is It All In Your Mind? describes some of the common underlying factors that may be contributing to your less-than-optimal mental health. This book explores some of the reasons why you may be feeling the way you do, and also takes a look at why anti-depressants are not always the solution.The 10 practical and empowering steps in this book provide strategies that will enable you to create optimal mental health, so that you can take back control of your life, and live it with enthusiasm, vigour and purpose. About the author:Charmaine Shepherd has more than 17 years experience in healthcare. Her first degree in biomedicine led her to a career in the pharmaceutical industry. Years later, her own health concerns took her on a journey of self-healing. Charmaine then went on to study acupuncture in Singapore and China. She now consults in a busy and successful practice in Edinburgh.