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Amanda Burnham

Amanda Burnham BSc.(Hons) Osteopathy In Edinburgh

amandaI qualified as an Osteopath in 2009 from the London School of Osteopathy following a five year degree course prior to which I worked in the music industry. The catalyst for my rather drastic career change was a demanding first pregnancy. Having been successfully treated before by osteopaths for a neck injury as a result of a road traffic accident, I contacted them again whilst on crutches after delivering my first child to see if they could do anything about pelvises! My subsequent therapy and recovery were so fantastic that I determined a career as an osteopath was definitely for me. A decision that I can honestly say I have been thankful I took. Since qualifying, I have been working in London establishing my own practice in the hustle and bustle of the ‘Square Mile’ whilst also working as an Associate at a very busy and well respected North London clinic.

Osteopathic treatment does not simply treat the ‘sore bit’ but looks at how and why those symptoms have arisen. Osteopaths have a holistic approach and believe that your whole body will work well if your body is in good structural balance. To take an example from the British Osteopathic Association’s website (; imagine a car that has one of its front wheels not quite aligned. It may run well for a while, but after a few thousand miles, the tyre will wear out. You can apply this example to the human body, which is why it is so important to keep the body in good health. I employ a wide range of techniques, including joint mobilization, cranial techniques (sometimes referred to as ‘cranial osteopathy’), muscle energy techniques, soft tissue massage, exercise prescription and lifestyle advice. It is this breadth of approach that enable me to focus on every patient’s precise needs.

I practice structural, cranial and visceral osteopathy and I also use Western Medical Acupuncture as an adjunct where appropriate. In light of my personal experience, I am particularly successful at, and very much enjoy treating pregnancy related issues (both ante and post natal). An additional area of special interest for me is in combating postural and/or occupational associated aches and pains. Osteopathy can assess and treat people of any age from the elderly to the newborn and from pregnant women to sports people. Conditions that osteopathy can be useful in treating include:

Neck & back painAmanda Burnham BSc.(Hons) Osteopathy In Edinburgh
Frozen shoulder
Hip, knee, foot and ankle injuries
Muscle strains
Sports injuries
Repetitive strain injury
Strains caused by poor posture
Post-operative rehabilitation
Pregnancy related pain such as Sacroiliac pain, low back pain or Symphysis Pubis pain

As a practicing Osteopath I am registered with the General Osteopathic Council, thus ensuring patient safety, practitioner competence and fulfilling statutory requirements.


The Postpartum Mum: Manual treatment for post natal issues, London School of Osteopathy, July 2013
The Miserable Baby: Colic, feeding and digestive disorders in babies, London School of Osteopathy, scheduled for October 2013


Testimonial for Amanda Burnham – Osteopath – Mother and Baby Clinic

Amanda is extremely friendly and professional. The sessions are relaxed, informative and Amanda provides a high standard of sound medical advice.

My little girl’s neck was dramatically improved after only one treatment session and a week of exercises at home. I have complete faith that the treatment will prove successful and am extremely happy that I chose to go to The Centre for Holistic Health.

NA (parent) June 2014


I chose osteopathy because I had had ongoing back pain due to a severely broken tail bone. In order to compensate for the pain I have been sitting at odd angles and this had thrown my back out of alignment. I also went for the neck and shoulder pain due to poor posture and pelvic alignment due to having 3 large babies.

Amanda was incredibly thorough and professional. She looked at every aspect of my posture and treated me from head to toe. Her work is very gentle but firm and I felt confident and safe in her ability to help me. Amanda really cares about what she does and it shows.

I am now able to sit straight-on instead of leaning from one side to the other to relieve pain. My back is straighter with more freedom of movement. My whole body feels more fluid and pain free. Amanda got movement from my lower back, which no-one else had been able to do all due to the rapport she built with me and my resultant trust in her.

I now feel reassured that I don’t have to live with pain as I once thought I did. I can’t recommend Amanda highly enough.

December 2013


My mum was experiencing severe pain in her arm, shoulder and neck. Stronger painkillers prescribed by the GP did not agree with her. The x-rays showed 2 growth spurs in the neck area, but an appointment with the specialists was months away despite the urgency. The waiting list for physiotherapy was 6-8 weeks. Each minute of the day living with this pain made it so unbearable.

I phoned up the centre for holistic health to enquire if there was any therapy that could ease my mum’s pain. I was rightly advised about Osteopathy with Amanda. From the very first session, my mum felt so much relief from Amanda’s application of wide variety of techniques, massage, exercise, mobilising of shoulder joint, cranial techniques etc. Amanda explained the cause of the nerve pain in the area and advised some exercises that would further help alleviate the pain. All it took was three sessions with Amanda; we no longer needed further treatment or see specialists.

Amanda is truly a warm and caring figure, well experienced in her field who I would recommend over and over for such problems. Thank you!

HB March 2013


Osteopathic treatments have been amazing, after only 2 sessions which in the past have taken months to sort out.




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