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From the moment I met Charmaine Shepherd, over six years ago, I felt her total attention and care, backed up by a wide range of experience across all aspects of health both physical mental and spiritual. I have gone to her for her advice and treatment and help  for a whole range of issues and most importantly for a regular balancing and checking of my whole bodymind spirit . She has helped both myself and my friends with locating toxins and poisons, viruses etc that we would never have known were an issue, backed up by lab tests. Uncovering and treating a myriad of issues all round, that normal Doctors are simply not equipped to detect. I have been astounded at her attention to detail, and importantly that the all round guidance and treatment in her sessions supports me in my daily self management, understanding the needs of my body, monitoring the effects of my life experiences on the condition of my body and energy  gaging my stress levels, or learning to follow my body signals and collaborate with it rather than drive into the ground which in this day and age is easy to do.  Charmaine’s unusually high sensitivity to the body’s levels of equilibrium through her mastery of Chinese Medicine is a tremendous asset to any session I have with her.

Last but not least her work with needles in acupuncture is extremely fine. I feel she is in her element here and loves to nurture the healing in her patients. I feel better just seeing her… I owe more than I can say to this practitioner who has always been completely present for me.     C. S. Centering Counselling Edinburgh